Written by Anthony Nguyen
Published on Thursday, 08 April 2010

Okay maybe not, and this photo isn’t from the latest jam. It’s from NCPKJX which took place during the summer of last year. I’ve confessed to a few close friends about how often I’ll look into the photos, topics, videos, anything of the community past. I do it partly as a moderator in order to be able to reference people to some worthwhile items. Mostly I do it because I enjoy being able to reminisce. A friend recently pointed out the joys of reveling memories rather than people because memories are unable to let you down. In one of my favorite songs, the singer states “Do you ever think that, ‘now I must remember’?” In this, the lyrics suggest the importance of valuing good moments in life to help us get through the less glorious ones. Anyways, what I’m getting at is that we all experience nostalgia, and as we are, many of us spend time thinking about what has past.

Tonight, I’m shuffling through photos and videos, articles, memories. I joined the community 2.5 years ago, and in between what was the beginning and what is now lies plenty of wonderful memories. 2.5 years is ago is quite a time period considering it is a great portion of the time I’ve been alive, though as is commonly experienced by many, I feel the paradox of a fleeting possession, a distant neighbor, an island a sea away. I look over these photos, these videos, the associated comments, and it all comes back. Bits of feelings, mistakes, accomplishments, friends who came and went; emotions, old notions, and sensations take over my mind briefly and for a moment; I am completely lost to the present. I can’t say I ever forget about the community we have, but sometimes, we get so caught up in the motions of things that that’s what the interactions become, just motions.

The community of NCPK is by far, what I’ve always valued the most, and it probably always will be what I value the most about practicing parkour. As a result, when I look back upon these photos and these videos, the feelings that rush back the fastest are those that I feel towards the community. I can truthfully say that I would not have continued practicing had the community not turned out to be so endearing. I appreciate the dedication and love that the members of the community show. I appreciate it whenever anyone makes the effort to come out, no matter how far it is, or for how long. That’s why when it’s time to depart, I always say “Thanks for coming out”, because simply, I enjoy that the great individuals that make up our community decide to grace our jams with their presence. I won’t lie and try to say that all of you are dear friends that I would die for, because simply, I haven’t had time to get to know everyone. But for those who I’ve already gotten to know, those that come out and put work in, those that come out ready to support others and come out ready to have a good time, you guys are appreciated. The willingness to participate and to contribute from each individual is what our community is based upon, and without that, it would be nothing.

Sometimes I get so caught up in things that I forget to introduce myself to new members, or even greet old ones. I think we all do. I think it’s interesting how large we already are and how tight-knit we can be. With that being said, I would love to see more openness to new members. We need to open up more and show them how great of a family this can be. We are quite open, but I think we can do a better job locally. More intermixing between different communities would also work wonders for us. It already happens, but as stated, it can be done so much better, and neither of these points are original; they have been mentioned before.

I also really value that we don’t ever experience too serious of conflicts. I appreciate that in the years that I’ve been reading the forums, very few if any of the topics were allowed to get to an insulting level. I appreciate that peaceful and rational discussions are able to take place and that we’ve had little incidence of people jumping on other people for things they’ve said. Thank you guys for that. Thanks to all those that frequent and participate in the forums, to those that keep up with all the things we do, to those that come out and get money, to those that play a role in keeping the community the way it is, and to those that help it grow. Here is to a promising future, and fantastic past.