The Healing Rain Or The Dry Emptiness

Written by Ricardo Martinez
Published on Sunday, 13 December 2009

I love seeing those people who were told during their entire lives that they were worthless, who were brought down and challenged throughout their lives, but they achieved everything they had dreamed of or ever wanted.

These people had the will power to keep going while everyone else tried to trash their being and self esteem, they were always told “You will never amount to anything, you are worthless and your life will lead to nothing.“ Some people out there have this happening to them, and some overcome like the ones mentioned, but others don’t. Those who don’t, believe in the words they are told and make the possibility of others determining their future. Others decide or control your future to a certain extent. When you’re on your way to work, you probably do the most you can to get early to the office, but no matter how hard you try if there is too much traffic you will probably be late. In this case, other people did control the future of you getting late to work, but like I said they can only control it to a certain extent. Life is full of obstacles everyday, and as traceurs, we know that.

It is out choice of whether we truly want it or not. These people are only there crushing you down, but if you let yourself get thrown over the cliff these people aren’t the ones to blame, don’t get me wrong they shouldn’t be telling you are worthless and you a good for nothing, but think of it this way… They are the question, everything out of their mouth is a question. When they say you won’t achieve anything useful, you hear “Am I doing this to be a better person?” When they say you are nothing, you hear “Am I ready for the hard work?” When they say you are worthless, you hear “Am I going to get rewarded for my work? Will it be satisfying?” And every time you hear those questions from those hurtful words you will answer yes. Its like the traceur who goes to train on a regular day, his goal is to be better and stronger for himself and for others, and in this regular training day it rains. He can decide whether to into shelter and stay with his own abilities or to stay out in the rain training his skills in a new environment, sharpening his skills, getting stronger and smarter. So in the end we choose our road, we can choose that dry empty shelter, or we can stay out in the rain and improve day to day. The choice is yours choose to live by your own term or let other make the decision for you.


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