Today Was A Good Day

Written by Anthony Nguyen
Published on Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Today Was A Good Day

Faced with the above statement, people tend to generalize: today must have been eventful, he must have had beautiful weather in his area, it must have been a stress free day, or smerhaps he had good vibrations with someone.

Nah, although these do contribute most of the time, I’ve had many great days devoid of any of these. Simply, the matter lies in perception. If you wake up and decide that today is a bad day, it’s pretty likely to be a bad day. However, if you go into a day, truly believing that it’s a wonderful day, it’s unlikely that most things will be able to bring you down. In present day, thanks to social networking, we hear all the time about how people have crummy days on a daily basis. Fact is, that most of the stuff that these people get bummed over are only slight mishaps and most of the time is nothing to cry over.

Most of the circumstances, I’ve found, are simply inconveniences that arose out of the person’s lack of planning, foresight, or ability. Losing a paper, car breaking down, being sick, things breaking or getting lost in general; these are the plagues which have been the common cause of those of this to utter the letters: FML. Such instances only put people a few moments back and give the gift of a lesson given adequate reflection. We can’t always get things right, but by observing and learning from our failures we marginally decrease the probability of something going wrong. As humans, we learn to adapt and move on, or we suffer; don’t suffer, take the opportunity to reflect on yourself and how you can do better.

Obligations, everyone has them, and as a result, everyone has stress to a certain extent. It’s clear that some individuals have different loads, and different levels of sensitivity. Some b.a.’s work two fulltime jobs, do a lot of pet sitting, and the workload itself will barely phase them, while others can freak out and have a heart attack in the face of some worksheets. Whatever the case, everyone has their own things that they have to deal with, and with most people, the stress has an obvious role in their life as a negative influence. Obligations are only as numerous as we allow them to be, and each one is a chance to test ourselves and our abilities. It’s a cliché, but obligations are just more opportunities.

The little things; there’s a lot of them, and they aren’t in my pants. Sorry, bad joke. One friend from the West likes to say fick shut, to all the little shut we get trouble from. This can be related to any of the aforementioned but more specifically it’s letting little things like words, atmosphere, or grades get to us. They aren’t very little, but they are small enough in the grand scheme of things that they shouldn’t cause total breakdowns. “Words” is referring to things other people say to/about us, or any related topic we feel emotionally bound to; or in other words, drama. Drama though, isn’t a problem for most traceurs most of the time, because most of them are anti-social [citation needed]. Atmosphere: I use this mainly as a reference to weather. Most people let weather throw off their moods. I find that I’m just in love with every kind of weather, so long as there is variety. Clear cast, warm and breezy days need no explanation. Foggy mornings are among my favorites as they usually are serene and private mornings. I don’t mind rain, dirty/wet clothes don’t bother me, the rain offers a physically and spiritually cleansing experience, on these days, most people don’t go outside much, so more outside and clean air for you. Thunder and lightning aren’t problems because they gives me an excuse to withdraw from electrostress and back to enjoying simple things. Tornadoes aren’t common here, but when they happen, they’re like free train rides waiting to happen. Don’t let things on the surface of your challenge take away your opportunities.

One favorite author of mine had once said that the ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity. This is most certainly a task that requires good attitude. Keep your head up, know that at the end of the storm is the calm and that most things in the world can only break you if you let it.

Today was definitely a good day, get out, train, make it a better day.


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