This is Your Life and it’s Ending One Minute at a Time.

Written by Anthony Nguyen
Published on Sunday, 11 October 2009

For many of us, this article won’t discuss anything new, but I just felt the need to write it in light of recent discussions and utterings.

Something that is sure to make me angry is someone’s expression of boredom. Don’t ever be bored, and if you ever find yourself there, don’t let me hear about it. Boredom seems to be something that just plagues up the lives of children and some teenagers.

It’s the cry of those whose lives are just overflowing with time. If you have so much time, lend it to Olegg, despite being Out of Time, he seems to be accomplishing a lot. Boredom doesn’t seem to be a problem that traceurs have too often, but I’d like to point it out before it happens. Here are some things to consider before EVER declaring you are bored.

There are more books out there than any single person could EVER read. At least some of them are excellent.

As is the case with books, there is much more information than any person could ever grasp fully. Just about all information is able to be applied one way or another.

There are many talents and skills out there to be mastered. Learn them, master them, market them.

34% percent of Americans are obese, are you one of them? If not, that’s one step. Sedentary lifestyle has rendered the rest of us to be weaklings. Health standards are disgustingly low. Be strong and healthy.

Sometimes we need a little bit of time to ourselves. Some of us need more of this than others. Take this time to get some rest in, some self reflection, or simply thinking about some ideas.

Go outside. Invest yourself in enjoying some simple things whether it be enjoying nature or flying kites.

Bond with your relatives, you only get one of each.

If you are ever bored, chances are, you don’t have a job. Go get one, if something doesn’t allow you to, look for volunteer possibilities within your neighborhood.

Boredom is for the socially, ideologically, and physically dull. Those who have boredom are also lacking in ambition. Those who are bored with what is immediately around them also lack the ability to appreciate the intrinsic values of things and are unable to find joy without something external. Don’t do it.

The case with most of us however, seems to be a shortage of time.

There are several who claim that they just don’t have any time throughout their whole day to do anything, all week. Perhaps, but probably not. There are many examples of people who have several preoccupations in their lives but continue to keep up with their physical health. Duncan Germain is a full time teacher who still comes out to condition Fridays as well as pursuing a vast number of hobbies, on top of completing a number of projects. One of the Bartendaz is currently in school, while holding two jobs, and he’s likely one of the biggest ones.

It’s not that you don’t have time, it’s that you’re spending it all wrong. Set priorities; know what HAS to be done, and what you do because you want or things of similar nature. Put it on a list and recognize that you have to finish certain things.

It doesn’t take 4 hours to do homework if you do it right. The IB program is supposed to provide hours of homework but I never work more than 2-3 hours on average. How? Most of the time, I do half my homework at night, usually the ones due earlier during the day, and during the school day I’ll get the second half done. This way I can get more me time in the afternoon.

There’s A LOT of free time during school that most people don’t take advantage of. Lunch breaks are a lot longer than they need to be, teachers often go on tangents or give breaks from their lectures, if you don’t drive to school then to and from school gives you time to study, the minutes before each class starts adds up, before and after school any day that you stay after/come in early. Taking advantage of all this time adds up and gives you at the very least 20 extra minutes in the afternoon.

It only takes 30 MINUTES get a good workout in, if you are doing it right. 30 minutes is very little, but if done everyday, it adds up to a lot. Get off of that Youtube if you know you have an essay due, stop playing those dumb video games, most television shows are just a waste of time, sleep is for losers.

Try this out, have a pencil and paper throughout the whole day, and record the time frame you take to do each activity. It doesn’t have to be super specific, but specific enough to give you an idea of what tasks you spend time on throughout the day. After having done so, identify some areas that you could spend less time on or combine with other tasks.

Everyone is given the same amount of time. Geniuses and prodigies gained their fame working under the same time constraints and under the stress of similar burdens we hold today. Complaining about time or boredom is dumb, stop it.


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