The Full Package


Written by Anthony Nguyen
Published on Thursday, 30 July 2009

Welcome to the Arctic, it’s improbable you’ll be witnessing any circumnavigation of shrubbery here.

If you’re on this forum, it’s unlikely that you’d get a lipo for the summer, and pig out when bikini time is past. You’re probably not here because there’s nothing on TV. And you’re certainly not here to lose a few pounds of baby fat. What we encourage here is a lifestyle, not a weekend warrior’s routine. If you are in it for the latter, you are better off looking into another discipline. We don’t come out to hop over a few things, do some flips and go home. So don’t treat it that way.

A lifestyle. Sort of like what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but what happens here, you bring with you outside of the bedroom, and spread it around from time to time, like an HIV. Except in this case, you spread it by talking about it, rather than not… What I mean to say that is parkour is not something that is done with and tucked away at the end of sessions. You don’t go out and do parkour. You didn’t go parkour with your friends last weekend. You train for it. To do it would imply that you executed the task of parkour for 3 hours, but did not the hours prior and following. A strange thing to do considering parkour is the idea of overcoming obstacles. A way of doing things.

“Haha Tomato, you silly sir! I already know this. I’ve been practicing X years!”

I’m well aware that everyone has a clear understanding of what parkour is. What the problem is, is how well do we live up to that? Training, nutrition, and rest are all important components of maintaining a good lifestyle. Yet, how many of us maintain those to the best of our ability. You can’t eat plastic and fat and hope to gain as much muscle as the next guy who trains just as hard and eats potatoes and grass fed steak everyday. Just as you can eat organic stuff all your life, but still get outdone by the harder working guy who eats the occasional junk. It’s common copper, and yet, we fail to adhere to it to make sufficient gains.

A few things to ensure that we are making full of ourselves instead of fools of ourselves: Train in some kind of way every single day. Ask more experienced traceurs about fields they know a lot about. Take an active role in educating yourself about kinesthetics, nutrition, training programs, technique, anatomy and biology, rest, even. Discuss what you learn with others, compare your findings. When all seems well in the all around of knowing, then put the information to good use!

I myself am certainly not an example of any such achievement, it’s something every single one of us should strive for and should strive to excel in. It’s not even something I’ve been doing well myself, but consider this yet another beginning.


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