Get Money, Get Paid


Written by Alan Tran
Published on Sunday, 26 July 2009

To do list, as Mr.Chicity would say:

  1. Get money
  2. Get paid

What are you doing to achieve your goals? How are you advancing? Over the past few months, I have incorporated this into training and it’s gold if applied correctly. Gold.

Now at jams when we’re just kicking it, you may have heard me jokingly say these four simple words or ask someone to repeat them but they’re more than just a phrase. “Get money, get paid” is a model that is used to live by. In simplest terms, “get money, get paid” means to see results through your achievements. Whether it’s babysitting for extra change, doing push-ups to stay fit, or changing the oil so your car’s engine runs smoothly; you are doing work and seeing a by-product of said work. This you can live by.

Now when I work, I do my best to get paid. Unjokingly, I can say this. Currently, outside of busting and serving, I practically spend every free minute hustling to either gain physically or add to what I know about the human body. I am constantly trying to advance by observing how internet stars approach different obstacles and their training and by working on areas of personal physical and mental weakness. Again unjokingly, I can say this. Certainly, just the YouTube profile can say the least having watched close to fifty thousand videos (With the majority being some sort of movement). Certainly, just the physical “dailies” can say the least with three hundred and seventy-five reps of various exercises and counting. Certainly, just clearing the personal schedule can say the least when I make sure I’m present for nearly every Friday and Saturday for local meetups even if we’re just staying together for a hour. But the recognition I hear regards the “big” movements or obstacles. “Wow, that’s such a big precision”, “you make that look easy”, etc. Maybe the big dyno is a result of pull-ups, a high monkey from tuck planches, far precision through squats, etc. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Now think; what are you doing to get paid? The English stars (You know them) are able to move the way they move because they work through movement on their toes two, three, five hours a day, everyday. It is consistent movement that involves pushing themselves mentally and brushing up on technique. This is why they do not have to condition through the various rounds of push-ups, pull-ups, squats, etc. This is how they’re paid. The 3Run crew work by hitting the weights and gym several times a week to strengthen their bodies, have sharp minds, and clean skills. This is how they’re paid. COPK work by doing their best to see each other to train together most days of the week despite everyone living thirty minutes to a hour away from their central location. This is how they’re paid. It goes the same for Anis Cheurfa, the APK Tribe, Shaq, Skribblez9, the Bar-Barians, PKGen, b-boy Junior, etc. and they are all revered mostly for their great skill, not their work. Do you see where I’m going with this? It’s disrespectful and disreputable when we forget time after time how much work each of these individuals must have put in to achieve such accomplishments. I’m no saint myself but I honestly believe that I can say I think through the conditioning aspect moreso than the majority reading this. Many of us have promised to ourselves that we’d work to get stronger and faster; how many of us are actually following through? What’s your work? How are you getting paid?

Now, I’mma get mine. Get money, get paid.


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