What Motivates You?


Written by John Moore
Published on Sunday, 19 July 2009

Motivation is a leading force behind any activity. It is especially important in keeping parkour a lasting part of your life. Though on occasion, it can be hard to come by. I am personally motivated to practice and train parkour for its own philosophy. I want to strengthen my body and over come personal fears to be useful for my friends and my community. Just this summer I have helped family and friends, or their parents or friends, move furniture about 5 times. This was made a lot easier with the physical strength I’ve gained from conditioning and parkour over the past couple of years. Of course, this is one of many means of motivation.

Parkour presents a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of brotherhood, and just a generally fun time. Those feelings are why I try to attend as many jams as possible. It is not hard to say “I don’t feel like going this time”, but you get so much out of each jam that its worth it! It’s inspirational to hear people shout from a distance when I perform a tricky movement. It also motivates me in a completely different way to see the lifestyles of less than fit people, and how many of them wish they could be nimble and in shape. It isn’t very noble of me, but I do get the occasional kick out of showing off in front of an awed audience. One of the coolest things my friends convinced me to do was probably the back lever. It was a toughie because I had to actually splice new muscles into my toes to hold the form correctly. (That’s right! TOES! The secret to a good back lever.*) *Not entirely accurate. Now, the hardest part is finding motivation. I hope I have given you some ideas on where to look, and once you find your own motivation, I hope to see you grow and last. Please post what kind of motivation you have found since you started, and possibly what motivated you to start in the first place!


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